Tuesday, 24 February 2009


Well again I've not been here so a new resolution to myself - I must blog at least once a week, that way I can at least kid myself that I can do this!

So good news I survived half term, yeah. Had to take my daughter and her friend Jess (of xmas mitten fame) shopping for 80's stuff for a senoir section guides party. Now I remember some of the stuff that we used to wear, leg warmers, flourescent bangles etc etc. But did manage to pop into Aberkahn fabrics and buy more yarn (reward to self for being patient).

Have finished Sue's socks and also insiped her to try knitting some for herself, yeah another convert.

Have cast on another clop (this is a Sarah variation on a clapotis - it has no dropped stitches). This is for Lottie as she keeps 'borrowing' the one I made for me with the dancing leaf farm yarn from the swap box.

Have picked up my gloves again and also am still working on the coin lace clapotis - am now on the second ball of yarn!

So am off now to pretend I am being busy with housework, will try and be back again soon......

Monday, 9 February 2009

I really must try harder!

Well this is just not good enough is it! I really should try to get into the habbit of posting more often.

Unfortunatly no snow days for me last week just cold and icy weather but not enough snow to close any thing!

This weeks projects on the go:

Sue's Socks, Coin lace Clapotis, New Gloves (I need these urgently) and Lotties flower scarf.

Am feeling the cold weather blues today, not helped by the fact that other half is away until Wednesday this week. So I have decided to add some pics of these works in progress in the hope that it might cheer me up! Now if I light the fire and do a bit more on these projects it might just make me feel a bit more cheery. Will keep you posted!