Thursday, 21 October 2010

Catching up

I must confess I am a little behind with my second sock - I have until tomorrow morning to finish the heel flap as that is when the next clue is ready! The heel flaps weren't the problem it was just me being slow with the legs. Sock 1 was fine but sock 2 seemed to take an age - I am going to blame the dreaded cold as it zapped so much energy from me!

Grrr - just lost the rest of the post!

So the long and the short of it is - no other knitting has been done and I am off to the sea side for half term. When I get back I hope to be full of energy and feeling much better. More soon!

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Yarn clubs

So the reason we all got together was because of a yarn club failure and I have avoided them since as I was afraid of a repeat! I finally plucked up the courage to join a 3 month club that I thought was fairly reasonable in price (in case a similar thing happened). The first installment was a week late, the second hasn't arrived yet (should be at the end of the first week in the month) and I am wondering are all clubs hap hazard with deliveries or am I just not good at choosing a successful one?

Please enlighten me to any you have joined and if you thought they were good or not so I can do better next time!

I thought about joining the Debbie Abraham's blanket club but I know several people who were disappointed this year (at the cost of it I don't want to be disappointed) although the club does seem to be reliable. Any other thoughts on this girls?

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Week 2

Eventually I finished the second cuff - no thanks the the vile cold that flattened me for a few days! I am also onto the second clue for the leg - one is complete and the other just begun but should be done by Friday when clue 3 is published. It is fun to see the pattern grow but I don't think I would have picked this one had I seen it first - but I guess that is the fun of it.

I have also done a little bit more to the bobble socks (yes it was your pattern Allison) but put them back down once the new clue arrived for this week. I have also had to quickly knit a little cosy for Lottie's new phone as obviously it needed one to keep warm in this weather!

Yesterday I made 3 batches of stewed apple as it seems to be the time of year that the apples keep arriving in bags and then something has to be done with them - it was actually quite nice to be peeling and chopping away in the kitchen for a few hours. I need some red current jelly and then I can make lovely onion marmalade as well.

Hope to have more pics for you tomorrow........

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Week 1

I have now restarted the second cuff for the 4th time (you can tell I am ill when my knitting goes wrong) - I have the horrid cold that is going around!

I don't think it is as good as the first but at this point I am not unpicking again unless it is horrid once it is at the same point as the other (I am sure it will be fine). I hope it will be finished tonight and ready for clue no 2 on Friday.

I also picked up my bobble socks as I was finished with the first one but had the foot and cuff to do on the second,you can't actually see but I am just past the extra yarn for the heel now and almost onto the bobbles

These have been on the needles since last year I think but I don't remember why I put them down - some thing else probably came along instead. Talking of sock patterns I have to admit that I like to try different ones out. I have a 'vanilla' pattern that I usually use for wellie socks but I enjoy doing different ones for my every day socks and walking shoe socks - you see wellie socks need to be long and hold in your trousers so a simple rib seems to be best but walking shoes and every day shoes can take something a bit more fancy - I think! More on socks soon, am off to make yet another drink - why is it that I drink so much when I have a cold?

Monday, 4 October 2010

Socktober Fest!

Firstly I think I need to clear up a little 'myth' that seems to have developed - I do not get any extra time time in bed just because I am not going out to work! I still get up at 7am as I have a daughter to get up and a dog whose legs are crossed and who thinks his throat is cut (he is a Labrador)!

That said I have a mountain of work to catch up on - starting with the freezer to defrost (am supposed to be doing it right now)!

I did however decide to take part in socktober fest this year as it looks like fun - I have sock 1 top done and am casting on sock 2 later on. Also I figured it may help me finish off a few other pairs that have been hanging around for a while. I started the first sock on dpn's but will cast the other on the circ - I am hoping that I will be able to put them both together once the tops are done.

Before I dash off to mop up 'the big thaw' please don't assume I am sitting here just knitting away whilst you guys all work hard - I have already made countless mugs of tea for 'him indoors' and it will continue all afternoon as well, plus done piles of washing and tidying up. It is going to take forever to get straight and find homes for all of the stuff that has to exit the rooms needing work! Take heed - staying at home is not all fun you know!

Friday, 1 October 2010

The fat lady is singing!

Yes that is right - it all ended yesterday. The team had dinner with me on Wednesday night and possibly a few drinks (was promised a fireman's lift but didn't get one). Yesterday was my last afternoon and I admit that I worked very hard to make sure there was nothing outstanding on my list of to do's.

The weather here today is foul so it must have been the singing. There could be more singing tonight so apologies if you have a wet weekend!

Monday brings new leaves and more blogging so kept your eyes open for my projects. In the mean time thanks for sticking by me and keeping me sane.