Monday, 28 September 2009

A fresh new week!

How interesting I think to myself! I mentioned to 'him indoors' that whilst he is not going to work he might like to paint the lounge (the ceiling was re plastered about 2 years ago and is still bare plaster) and we have some paint that would do the job perfectly well in the garage. I have never seen him get his CV out there so fast and set up some interviews as quick in my life! He has already had 1 phone interview, he has another today and one more on Wednesday. We also managed a few episodes of Murder she wrote, Monk and Count Down and believe me that lady needs to find dresses that do not make her look like she should be on Boots corner!

The other thing we have also been able to do is the weekend length dog walk on most days so extra exercise is great, am hoping to have lost a few pounds soon!

Tuesday, 22 September 2009


I survived the AGM and the lunch that followed, I survived the Friday morning 'this is it' call for him indoors' job and the hastily put together class for my beading ladies.

Monday morning was chimney sweeping time so I had to make sure all yarn was removed from the lounge (in case it got a sooty smell) plus other debris that collects in that room (like dust and bits of paper!). After that Dave and I did some food shopping (it is nice to have some company and someone to help carry the bags) plus an extra long dog walk.

Today we are doing some tidying up of loose ends so thought I would just do a quick post so you don't think I am ignoring you (still no pics to show yet!)

It is odd not to have tons of pressure to get things done as has been the case for the last few weeks and I am feeling slightly lost - will go and do the samples for Fridays class so I can feel busy again, now what time does Murder she wrote start?

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

AGM Loomes!

Sorry I have been awol for a while but the AGM is on Thursday and it seems that everything left to do falls on me! Yesterday I went out on the hunt for gifts for the retiring committee (you can't get much for £5 it seems) so I spent a bit more and got some fabulous 'Oliver Twist' - one of a kind packs!

Also yesterday we heard that Dave's contract will be terminated (friday we will hear the plans to do this) so I have also been brushing up his CV!

On the plus side I have finished Lottie mittens and her 'no drop Clop' (basically a clapotis but without the dropped stitches) so will try and get some piccies up later.

Glad to hear the boxes are on the move again but sad that this will the last time for Clara, I must admit that I feel glad to have met you all even though it was through a shared bad experience.

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

When did life get busy again?

Without really knowing why life has all of a sudden shot past me again! We have been home just over a week and in that time I still have a pile of shoes / crocs / trainers in the hall waiting for a space back under the stairs! I have diverted one family crisis (attempted burglary, not at my house I might add) and found myself in the midst of another (him indoors may not be actually going outdoors to work after next week) or at least until he gets another job anyway. Lottie is now in the final year for GCSE's and has attended a guide centenary day in congleton and I have to do an open day in Nantwich for Embroiderers guild at the weekend plus arrange a committee meeting before our AGM next week. Now where did last week and this one go........?

Hope everyone else is having a quieter time although it sounds like lots of school related stuff is going on for you all. Will be back soon once the whirlwind has subsided!

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Rain eugh!

Just to try and cheer the day up (it has been raining again today) I thought I would share with you a couple of photos. Firstly my happy dog:

He was enjoying a lovely day on Brancaster beach - one of our favourite beaches in this area as when the tide is in it is so close but when it is out it is miles away with loads of lovely beach to play on or even fly your kite on:

Just look at that fabulous blue sky! There I feel better already. I have noticed though that there are no pics of me on holiday - I was there and I did have a fab time but it would seem that I was only a spectator and not worthy of a picture! I did however manage to finish the lavender pod I was knitting and fill it with the lavender that the mother-in-law brought for me and knit up to the arm holes on my Hanna jumper and cast on for a sleeve for this jumper. I also knitted most of a fingerless glove in Harry Potter 'tonks' yarn. So I was quite busy really - besides all the usual holiday type stuff!

Back to the washing again as some of my yesterdays load got soaked in the rain!

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Back to School blues

This is always a horrid time of year for me, I hate it when Lottie goes back to school and normal routine is returned! After weeks of holiday shopping, rushing around and birthdays plus 2 weeks away we all come home and I am alone again. Lets face it a few large piles of washing and loads of cleaning are not my idea of a good time - no wonder this is my worst time of year!

PS I can't get on to Ravelry is anyone else having trouble?