Monday, 22 November 2010

Sweet Jazz!

So here it is at last - I needed the help of my trusty vase to try and show you how it looks on (flat it is not so pretty). I loved knitting this, the plain part was easy and didn't need a lot of
attention at all and the edge was a very easy lace pattern - all in all it is my favourite at the moment. It is helped by the fact that the yarn is so soft and snuggly.

I am hoping to buy more yarn this weekend to make another (I am smiling nicely at you mr indoors!). It isn't that I don't have yarn, just not enough of one sort - it took over a skein to do and I am not sure it would look right if you made it any smaller. More soon, S xx

Friday, 19 November 2010

Friday again!

Is it just me or was it only just Friday - this week has flown by and nothing exciting has happened except last weekend Ted took a dislike to my shawl and managed to pull some stitches off the needles whilst climbing on my lap during the Grand Prix. The weather has not been kind for photos, way too dark and I want to show you my 'Sweet Jazz' - it was the scarf I cast on before going away and finished last Monday - I have worn it loads and am hoping to get more BFL from the NDS trunk show next weekend. I know that the sock weight is due soon but I think they have DK which would be fab as well.

Hoping for better weather next week so I can take pics of my knitting - have a nice weekend all!

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

The trouble with cars!

Here we go again....

Yesterday was log day - 4 cubic meters to be exact delivered to our drive. Not usually a problem (this year we ordered double as we ran out last year) - hard work yes but problem no. Except that Dave's car was in the way of the garage doors and I store the logs stacked on pallets in the garage. But, and here it was - the battery has somehow gone flat on the car, being an automatic you can't push it and being such a big car I didn't want to ruin the small battery on my tiny smart car. The only solution was to have the logs tipped on the other side of the drive and move them from there. Hmm needless to say I got a full work out and some sore muscles this morning. I did however manage to cast off the scarf I was knitting and cast on for the lovely Amore shawl yesterday so will post pics tomorrow. Am off to light the fire with some of my new and now dry logs (I forgot to mention that it spent all afternoon raining as well). Hopefully will fix the car later in the week - who said being at home was easy?

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Socktober, sockvember!

Oops! I didn't make it or even close my 2 socks stalled because we went away and as I have cast on a new scarf they have stayed that way!

My holiday projects went like this: Citron shawl for car knitting (4 + hrs driving gives me at least 2 knitting). My enormous skein jumper (gift from last years US trip) was to be the main project and the new scarf my GLOW (glass of wine) project and the socks came along just in case!

What really happened was this: Worked on the citron shawl on the way (not too much more left to do). Worked on the giant skein jumper during the day time (as and when) and got to the top of the sleeve (yes I know it has taken me an entire year to get this far). Checked the length and realised that the tension was all wrong and will have to unravel the lot and start again! This project is having some 'time out'!

Here it is just so you can see how far I got - it is back in the corner to hang its head in shame now!

So I then picked up my new scarf project (it requires a skein and a half supposedly so I had rifled through my stash and found a part ball and cast on leaving an unwounded skein at home until it was needed). I finished the part ball and put the scarf to one side (it is not pretty on the needles as it is all squashed up).

I then did a bit more on the citron shawl as I was at the final increases part and I didn't want to do that in the car, so once they were complete I put that down as well. And finally I pick up the sock worked a few rounds and then the week was over!

On the way home I finished the knitting part of the citron and started the cast off so it is now finished Ta Dah:

Now I am home I have wound the other skein for the scarf and am on the final few rows so will be able to show you soon. I really need to pick the socks back up but you know how it is when you get your teeth into something new!
Oh and as for the hols - well Lottie was ill for the first few days (both the cold bug and tired from all the A level work), Dave was shattered anyway - he was glad to have a rest and as for me, well lets just say it was great to be able to put my feet up and do a bit of knitting! Ted however was happy to go for a swim in the sea and a chip hunt along the front!
More knitting soon ..... xxx