Thursday, 29 July 2010

Post card from Norfolk

Here I am in the loveliest part of the world (in my opinion) and the weather has been amazing - hot sunny and lovely most days, a few cloudy but warm and a couple of wet sprinkles thrown in for balance!

This is us back at our favourite beach at Brancaster having a game of boules! Not much of a picture I know but I am not the worlds best a taking the camera with me (it is a bit big so doesn't fit into your pocket!). On our way back from the beach we stopped in Salthouse to find these cuties who want to peck at our feet -

There has been some knitting done - a bit on my Hesperia shawl, a bit on my nutkin sock and some of my giant skein jumper but nothing significant I am afraid - too much sun and fun for knitting. Hopefully I will manage some better pics before we go home!

Love from Norfolk - Sx

Friday, 16 July 2010


Just a very quick note to say I am off today but I hope to have internet acess whilst I am away so will try and catch up with myself then!

Hope all is well with you all?


Thursday, 1 July 2010

Prom Night

Here we go!

Ah so grown up - but we still need a lift! I was happy to oblige I just hope they have a lovely evening.

1st July!

Well I made it! Tilia is done and blocked - just in case you were thinking I hadn't finished. It was cast off on Tuesday and blocked yesterday. I will put some pics up later once we are all ready to go. I am so pleased - it is light and airy and oh so pretty. Dare I say it but I think it is a much more summery shawl done in the 2ply baby alpaca, cashmere and silk. I love this yarn so much it is my favourite - I must collect a few more skeins! I don't think that it would have been finished without the speedy assistance of Amanda from the Natural Dye studio - I email her to ask about an undyed skein but was too late so I ordered the other colour that I thought would go and she was kind enough to send it out the same day despite being mad busy getting things ready for a show. This meant I could get started straight away and made the difference of being done by a comfortable margin rather than trying to finish in a mad dash.

All I can say is that I hope the prom goes as well as the shawl knitting did!

More later..........................................................