Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Time here is whizzing again and Easter is a distant memory! I have been up to my usual crazy knitting frenzy recently and due to an urgent deadline shawl for Anni the remake of the sample I was doing for her was put to one side temporarily! The deadline knitting completed I also did a little pattern testing for a friend of mine - this same friend has been up to her usual creative tricks again and has some fabulous new designs in her newly revamped shop -take a look if you dare! Whilst you are there also make sure you visit her blog as she has the most amazing give away on it.

Whilst I have been busy on the knit front I took a little 'sanity' time for me and have been doing a little hooky in the evening when my brain is too fried for anything else. I have found that remembering the pattern for this has been most therapeutic and doing a couple of the middle flowers or the outer block part has given me the head space to relax a little!

Progress is quite slow but I am not doing this for a deadline - just for me (well and the sofa) and it took 12 months to collect the yarn so clearly I am in this for the long haul! I have found that over the last year I have been pulling out old projects and moving them forward a bit at a time so eventually I will have a few things finished as well as the usual collection of newly cast on projects it is just that progress here is so slow on all fronts!

I trust that all is well in blog land and I will try and be back with more progress again soon!