Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Exam results!

Glad to hear all us Mums are in one piece especially after yesterday! For my part I have to say I am very proud and 'we' have 8A's, 2B's and a C.

I know the exams have been a hard time for everyone and I hope that moving forward all of the kids will find whatever it is that is the right future for them. Good luck kids you all have the world at your feet. Take care Mums as you will be the support for them come what may!

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Still breathing!

I am just popping in quickly here to let know I am alive but only just! I have been covering full time for work who are away in the USA at the moment but due back on Tuesday am. I have been doing the job of three people for the last 2 weeks - still got Monday to go! I have not got home before 6.30pm most nights and Friday was 7pm - trying to keep up with the paper work. I will be honest and say I am totally exhausted! I have decided I do not like this work stuff - I have missed so much time with Lottie this summer and although she has been off enjoying herself I feel that I have missed a huge part of her life! Also I will not be able to take her for results morning on Tuesday and Dave will have to stop what he is doing and go with her - I will miss out on the fun!

Good luck to all of you who are getting results this next week - I am sure all will be fine in the end!

More knitting soon I hope!

Monday, 2 August 2010

Home again!

I am back here in Cheshire now - 4 1/2 hours drive home (not too bad) and I managed to do a bit of knitting - a 'no drop clop' for Lottie's friend that was for last xmas!!!

The weather in Norfolk was great, not too windy except for when we were on the beach - it is always a bit windier down there but we did have lots of very calm days as well as it being hot. I have lots of washing to get on with now but the sky here has just got cloudy so I will put it on and see how it goes.

Am off to drop Lottie off at a friends house and have to go to work later (boo hoo). Although I did take both the Tilia shawls with me and I intended to take photos I will have to do that now we are back, I was far too busy enjoying myself - sorry!

More on my knitting later......