Tuesday, 15 July 2014


Where did the last few months go? Swallowed up in a whirl wind of chaos I am afraid to say as we had new bathrooms, a new lawn and a teething and growing puppy. I can't believe it has been that long though but here I am with more seaside pictures:

Dave and I sneaked off for a couple of days with Bertie ahead of a holiday trip with Lou, how much we manage to get her out and about will depend on how well the' Bertie factor' works! We have found that although Bertie is just a puppy he has a very special effect on Lou which seems to help her cope with things a little better. I have always believed that she would benefit from an assistance dog but the way life works currently it wouldn't be possible for her to have one, Bertie seems to be the next best thing. He is so patient with her and has been really good when we put him on 2 leads in order for her to 'walk' him so I am hopeful we could see small but significant progress in the future.

Its a dogs life:

Hopefully I will be back again soon! 

Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Where did the time go?

Sorry I have been so long again but I think that we bought a time shrinking object and not a puppy as the last 3 weeks have completely vanished with very little to show for them!

Bertie has been a busy boy though as we had a few days away at Easter and he enjoyed lots of new experiences such as 'walking' along the beach:

And visiting the pier:

Also a quick trip to the pub:

He has also been enjoying my kaleidoscope blanket, I am a little behind now as I have just finished my 'March' part:

Hopefully I will make some progress in catching up soon but I am a little distracted as you can see! More soon from us both x

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Introducing Bertie!

Sorry to have been quiet again its just lots has been going on here in my corner of Cheshire including a bit of forward planning and some exciting news!

The forward planning is a new bathroom and seems to have taken ages to finally choose what we want but this is not being fitted until May so still time to get organised here. The exciting news will be the arrival of a new puppy called Bertie please say hello:

This is Bertie at 4 weeks old when we went across to Derbyshire to choose him. The following weekend we were at Crufts where Bertie's Dad won Best of Breed - we were so proud to be there knowing that little Bertie was his son, Harry is a lovely dog and I can't wait to see both he and Bertie's mum again when we go to collect Bertie at the weekend.

Hopefully you will forgive me for giving you doggie pictures for a few weeks instead of knitting but we are so excited after all that we went through with Ted to have something precious again to love. Ted is still thought of every day and he will be in my heart forever but a waggy tail is a wonderful thing and I can't wait to have one around again!

More soon, S x

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Finally finished!

So here we have it I have finally finished my snawheid hat and my Southwold in the snow shawl! I have loved knitting both of these as they are both such lovely woolly yarns and they smell all sheepy. The hat I managed to get finished before we went away for the weekend but the shawl came with me as I was in the middle of the picot cast off, it seemed to take forever with that cast on 2 and then cast off 4 but the effect is really pretty. Thankfully I also took my baby cardigan with me too so I still had something to work on once that was finished and I have blocked them both now we are home again.

I meant to show you these earlier but somehow life got a bit busy again and I have been chasing my tail to catch up with myself, I hope to be back here again soon!

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Nothing new!

I am not quite sure where last week disappeared to but I did have my sister staying with me so time does seem to go into a big black hole somewhere! I have made progress on all 3 of the current projects I am working on but nothing has come off the needles yet, I guess that the knitting goes into that black hole too!

I am almost finished with January's section of my crochet blanket with only the little filler holes to do. The February section shouldn't take as long as there aren't as many triangles for this round so hopefully I might have caught up by the end of the month but I will keep you posted!

Monday, 3 February 2014

Inspiration needed?

After my last post Barbara said she was looking for inspiration and it got me thinking about what I do when I 'need' a new project. To be clear here I don't ever have 'nothing on the needles', there are always projects that are lurking in the background waiting to be rediscovered and reloved or simply just finished off! Sometimes however I do find myself thinking that I really really need some new exciting thing to fill that void which has suddenly appeared for whatever reason, at this point I sign into Ravelry and start to rummage around. I know that we all use this website in different ways but for me when I come across a pattern I like I will add it to my favourites queue and this is my first point of rummaging around to see what grabs my attention. Something else I also do is look through my friends queue's and projects as they might have seen something that I haven't and it can lead to an exciting discovery! Occasionally I also see projects in thread conversations that grab my attention and by adding them to favourites they remind me to go back and take a second look. Usually by now something has caught my eye and I am beginning a new project but sometimes nothing quite hits the spot and I take a good hard look at the projects that are already begun but need more work and I pick one out and sit down to check where I left it and remind myself of the pattern. So either I have a project that I want to carry on working on or by working on it a bit more it brings to mind something else I thought about previously and was too busy to start!

This week as well as working on my hat and my shawl I have also been finishing off a baby cardigan! Now don't get all excited here it isn't for anyone you know - it is for Dave's boss in the USA. It isn't often I knit baby things as they don't really do much for me in terms enjoyment and I have no idea why as they are quite quick to do but there we have it. This is what I made:

It is the beyond puerperium cardigan and was knitted as a 3-6 month size. I have also knitted the Puerperium cardigan in the smallest size in the past for another of Dave's work friends and it is a really simple pattern to do but seems to be quite popular with the recipients! I have another one of these to knit for Dave's UK boss as his wife is also expecting soon! Hopefully all should be quiet on the baby front for a while after that and I can retreat to my happier knitting!

I hope that by next week I will have something off the needles to show you all but until then happy rummaging! S x

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Somebody stop me........

Last week I had a dose of startitis which I haven't had in a good while so I must be feeling more like my old self again!

Firstly I cast on a hat, I made one over Christmas for a gift and I loved it so much I thought I could use one myself!
So I cast on another....

Next I cast on a shawl - something in the name called out to me and I knew I needed to make one. The yarn for this is really warm and woolly so just right for the cold at the moment.
It is called 'Southwold in the snow' and by now you should have guessed at my seaside obsession!  Although I haven't been to Southwold it is on my list of must visit soon places, my only worry is what might be left of the beach huts! I know how badly the beach huts in Cromer suffered in the December storm and many haven't made it past the pile of matchwood stage. Having said that the town has worked extremely hard to bounce back and the sun is still shining even though the weather is bitterly cold!
Sorry I felt the need for a real seaside picture at this point (taken at Christmas I might add).

So as I have been working on my 2 new projects I sat a pondering over my lack of progress on the kaleidoscope blanket and wondered just what it was that these new ones had that the blanket didn't? The blanket is bright and cheery and the colours just sing so why have I been drawn to the more muted colours of the other projects? My conclusion is that it isn't the colours it is the yarn as although the blanket is bright and lovely the yarn (it  is also 4 ply) is thinner and silkier and not woolly and warm! Given how cold and grey it is at the moment I can only assume that my mind / body feels the need to work with the warm woolly yarn and once again I am driven by the seasons for my knitting habits!

Hopefully next week I will have finished something to keep out this cold and moved back onto the cheery colours that make me smile! Sx