Sunday, 28 March 2010

Hello Dolly!

For those of you disappointed that me last post was not about shoes (it would have read size 5's if it was) - this one is definitely about a dolly!

On Thursday my Embroiderers' Guild had a workshop with Dot Waring to make dolls (they are more art that play if you see what I mean) and this is mine as far as today! When I got home there was still much left to do and I have been slowly finishing her off but I wanted to let you see her as I will be working 2 full days on Monday and Tuesday so probably won't have time to show you then!

I still have lots more hair to add and clothes to make but she has been great fun to do - I was thinking that I might knit her some stockings as her toes are not too pretty, I will need more practise to get better at these but I think I would like to make more any way as there is so much you can do to them. I wish I had more hours in the day - this work thing does get in the way a bit and the housework has been in sad decline (and yes I am in trouble for that!). I will put up more pics once she has a bit more decency - hope you enjoy her!

Monday, 22 March 2010

Size 6's

As you can see I have a limited number of size 6 colours, they are all lovely though! I know that Claire was interested, does anyone else want any as well?

I am not quite sure where last week went to but it involved a trip to school early on Tuesday (art exam background was too large to go on the bus), bead classes on Monday and Friday mornings, an Embroiderers' guild meeting on Thursday morning and a trip to the garage on Wednesday and Friday to check up on the car, plus I have been to work every afternoon as well!

I have been rather quiet on the subject of the car as I am more than a little fed up with the whole thing, eventually (2 weeks ago) we bought a new block but it is taking far too long to fit - hence the trips to the garage to check they are actually doing the work and not just faffing around. I have said I would like it back this Friday so that we can at least give it an outing before we try and take it to Norfolk for Easter but at this point I am not holding my breath. I am so fed up as we have now missed New year and half term trips away and I don't want to do the same for Easter - I need my sea air, I miss it!

Hopefully I should have better news later in the week - will keep you posted!

Tuesday, 16 March 2010


I have not got that far with the xmas 2 at a time socks as I put them down to work on the Polly jean socks for the sock along. You can already see the mistake in the pattern (oops)!

These seem to be coming along nicely but fairly steadily - although considering they are both being knitted at the same time I suppose it could be quicker than normal (I have only been doing then a week) plus I am still getting to grips with working 2 at once.

I must admit that the 150cm needle has made a huge difference to my attempt this time as I have managed to get this far without throwing the whole thing across the room.

Life is so hectic at the moment I am struggling to keep up with myself so apologies if my blog is a little behind again - will be back again soon!

Tuesday, 9 March 2010


I can't believe I have just done this! I have spent about 3 weeks working on a crochet scarf as a gift and it has just this minute walked out of the door and I didn't take a picture..... banging head and muttering now!

I made it from some 'Posh' lovely cashmere blend in a purple and blue using an NDS pattern, I am so stupid.

Anyway so 'Startitis' is calling it must be the sunshine - that and the fact that over on the stash basket blog they are having a sock a month along (pair that is) and the pattern is so pretty.

Here at the Sarah knits house it has been mostly crochet since January and I have been loving it - although far too much startitis. I now have another crochet scarf for Lottie and an English Country Garden CAL project (undecided as to the final item yet).

Over half term I managed to get to a small 'local' Aberkahn shop and pick up some DK yarn for my 2-at-a-time small socks and have cast them on although progress is quite slow as the crochet got in the way. I have also just got the extra long 2.5mm needle so I can try the regular socks as 2-at-a-time. Hmm too many projects again but the Grand Prix season is upon us so until it warms up enough to really get going on the garden I will need to occupy myself a bit at the weekends (yippee). Must go and put some more washing on now! More soon.......

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

More Beads!

These are all size 11's and are again in 10g packs.
All beads are new - they arrive in large packs which have been reweighed into more manageable sized boxes by me (you may get an occasional bonus dog hair as well). Again there are multiple packs of each colour!
Any takers?
Will add some of the other shapes and sizes later in the week but these are the most popular size for most beaders.


Ok so other than delica's I think I have something of most sorts of beads (shapes and colours). Seed beads in size 11 and 15 plus triangles, bugles drops size 8's and 6's in the larger beads. Here are just a few to show you the range: These are size 8's (most likely size to add to a beaded shawl)

I have lots of each colour so plenty for lots of shawls! Each box contains 10g of a colour.