Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Big bag, little bag, cardboard box!

Hmm, seems like I have begun a collection without realising it - you might recall my post about my hexibag and little dumpling bag well I also really wanted another little bag which is as yet unnamed but looks like this:

When it arrived I immediately filled it with a sushi shawl as I had one that needed a home to carry it about in but I had one more project that wouldn't fit into anything (you might remember Dee's unloved shawl) which had been stuffed into a basket for lack of a home.

I emailed Marianne to ask if she could make me a bigger version of the nameless pouch as I felt that it would be perfect for this project and this is what she made for me:

I believe that it may be called the Fluff bucket as that was what I termed it and I think it stuck? I called it this because as I opened the tissue wrapped package my first thought was wow this is a big bucket! As I opened it up I noticed the word Fluff was stitched on the pocket and so Fluff bucket it was. It holds Dee's unloved shawl beautifully and sits at the side of the Sofa so that I can pick it up and do a few rows of the edging in between other projects on the go. Speaking of which I have a finished shawl (don't pass out with surprise they do get finished eventually) it is the Mar Menor shawl I cast on at the beginning of March. Sadly I had to looses a few rows of the stocking stitch before the last pattern part and still I ran out of yarn on the cast off. Fortunately I had a similar colour way in the sock yarn stash and I had already started to have more stitches between  the beaded picos - my tension is not normally that far off Anni's so I wonder if either mine or her skein was wrong on the yardage front (I have had that happen before with Arucania yarn). But most importantly it is finished and blocked.

Lastly I thought I would share with you the contents of my cardboard box - it arrived on Tuesday and put a hold on the rest of the day whilst I played with it. What do you think?

I still have to sell my Old Ashford traditional but didn't want to miss out on the chance to get the new one whilst it was on offer! I have some hand spun yarns to show you but I think they will have to wait a while before I show you.

Have a lovely Easter and I will be back again soon I hope. Sxx