Thursday, 27 May 2010

May Mayhem!

Well this is what has been keeping me busy this week!

I am also just finishing off the mini quilt to go in the exhibition as well - but boy has dolly been a demanding girl!
Tomorrow is put up day so I hope it is not too hot or we will melt, tonight will be mad as I have to go and make sure the display boards have arrived and deliver the display cabinet which will need a wash today as it is so filthy from storage!
Once all that is done I have to go and see Lottie's exhibition of art work at school. Maybe after all that I might manage a sit down and something to eat - who knows. Speaking of something to eat I guess I need to organise that as well.
See what I mean about madness!
I will probably not be checking in over the weekend as I am also supervising a lot of the exhibition as well so where ever you are have a good time and I hope the weather is kind too us all! Roll on June........

Monday, 24 May 2010

Feeling hot hot hot!

Wednesday the heat was just right for me - warm enough for t-shirt and summer trousers and enough warmth to sit out for a while! I said to him indoors that this was just right for me - so what happens it gets really hot - way too hot for me GRRRRR!

The dog and I have boiled this weekend - no walks for him incase it is too much and some walks for me as him indoors needed to stretch his legs after sitting at a desk all week.

This week has been a bit mad we had an embroiderers guild meeting followed by a committee meeting and then I had to go straight to work that day. Plus all the final prep for the exhibition next weekend.

In spite of all that I still managed to cast off Tilia - need payday before I can buy blocking wires to finish it properly but I have until July 1st to do that. Lottie doesn't actually finish at school until they break up this week and then she will have exams fairly solidly after that. Her Prom is the 1st of July as I mentioned and we still have a dress to get for that.

Good Luck to all of the boys and girls doing GCSE's currently!

Must dash I still have my exhibition items to finish and a mad week to get through! Roll on June is all I can say!

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Not knitting enough!

I think that I am stuck in some kind of time warp - the weeks seem to be beginning again before I have finished the last one and the weekends are feeling like single days!

I haven't done much knitting or crochet this week and it is missing me - I know it is 'cause it says so!

I think that it could be time for the men in white to come and get me before it is too late or perhaps it would be simpler to just go and make some lunch and that will make me feel much better! Either way I am still here plodding along, ticking things off my huge 'to do list' and wondering when May will end and June will become hopefully nicer!

If the white coated men don't come then I will be back again with more May madness soon!

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Blink and I missed it!

Now where did the last 4 days of my life just go? Friday I spent getting packed and sorted at home, then once Lottie arrived home from school we set off at no more than 50 mph (engine to run in!) across the country to my favourite place. Now we had radio 2 on (him in doors likes it) and we heard lots of tales of woe, traffic jams and accidents but apart from a little bit of rush hour stuff (again we couldn't go any faster than 50 so it made no difference) we didn't find the roads that busy at all. It took us a little less than 5 hours, which considering the speed restriction we were under and the fact that on an exceptional run it takes 4, I think it was good going - I drove the last hour from Kings Lynne to Cromer at which point it decided to tip it down but it had stopped by the time we arrived.

Saturday was glorious and we walked along the beach in crocs and shorts - we did need jumpers as well and the sea was very cold!

Sunday was cloudy to begin with but as with all coastal weather they soon blew away and the sun came out - it was alot colder though so out came the jeans and walking shoes and we had a rather long hike across the cliff tops and then back along the top of the beach.

Monday was mega windy and took your breath away but we still managed quite a good walk before packing up and coming home. Again we had radio 2 on and the reports were nearly as bad as Friday but we had very little traffic and got back in just under 5 hours - it would seems the East to West routes were not popular for this weekend and I like it that way!

As for knitting well I did do some on both of the long journeys - it was just very plain though. I had packed the polly jeans and Tilia and a little bit was done on each but nothing was finished or great progress made. I did feel that for the first time in ages though I stopped holding my breath - you know that feeling when you just let out a big sigh and it all feels better - that is what sea air does to me and I had missed it.

Now we are back the full extent of my May commitments is hitting me and I fear that the polly jean socks might not get finished in time to do the May sock along so I have decided that much as I would love to do the May socks I am going to plod on with polly jean and the rest of my projects and just get through May as best I can. The reason for my panic is that the Embroiderers' Guild are putting on an exhibition as part of the Arts and Music Festival here in our village at the end of May and as such I still have my 2 entries to finish and the actual thing to put up as well, plus Lottie's exams are on the way etc etc.

So initial panic over I am off to catch up on some washing and tidying up - hmm think I must have something wrong with me!