Wednesday, 22 April 2009


Ok so I saw your roving Alison and thought mmmm! I then thought I must get my wheel out and have another go! Yesterday along with washing, lawn mowing and weeding plus a station run I managed to spin a bobbin full of the roving that I had in the gargage (it looks like a Jacob, someone gave me some pre carded to play with ages ago). Sitting on my new patio with the dog and spinning was the best thing ever (well for a while now anyway). I think I have the courage to get some of the 'posh' bats I have had my eye on for ages.

Its not that I really need it I have a whole Jacob fleece and an almost whole white fleece but this looks so much more fun (bright colours and no carding to do). All I need to do know is figure out how to spin for sock weight and my life could change forever!

That sounds a bit sad doesn't it - I really must get out more!

Oh and by the way 5hrs to get to the gusset on a sock sounds pretty impressive to me (knitting on the road always slows my needles down). It made me think - we spend at least 4 hours driving when we go to Norfolk, what on earth have I been doing with myself all this time?????

Its just me by myself today so lets see what else I can manage to get done!

PS which pattern have you used on Harry and how has it come out?

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Catching up!

Here are my three little egg cosies that I made for easter (2 of them went away as body parts and came home assembled!) just wanted to show them to the world as I did actually have them done for Easter morning.
Also finished in at Easter were 1 of my beanstalk socks (see below) and a blind for the bedroom window (at last).

Startitis has attacked again and now have added to the wip pile a circle sock (in red yarn - am not likeing the colour but love the pattern) and a lace weight scarf / shawl. I just need to control these urges to cast on but no it seems impossible.

Him in doors is away tonight and tommorrow night so lets see what I can manage to get working on while he is away. More later ........

Saturday, 18 April 2009

Open day success!

Well I am back from Norfolk and from open day arranging! After many sleep interupted nights of worrying we managed a huge 235 visitors - for a tiny village like ours that was pretty good I feel.

In all of the chaos of the day I still managed to buy myself a set of peace fleece needles, some lime green and fushia sock yarn and a new book I have wanted for a while 'Sock knitting with hand painted Yarn'. I have also promised myself a visit to the Threshing Barn near Leek as there were so many other lovely things on the stall and I was just too busy to buy them all!

I have also cast on my circle socks which I have been promising to do for a while but as all if my dpn's are full I am using my harmony circular and the magic loop (one at a time though).

I will put up some pics soon, but wanted to say Hi I am back again now.

PS Allison where are you - nothing from you for a while now, I hope you are just busy.

Friday, 3 April 2009

Happy Easter!

So yesterday was all about holiday and housework avoidence but I had a fab day. I had to just finish off the shoe assembly last night as I couldn't leave it without the shapes stuck down but all I have left to do is the stiching and binding.

I wanted to put this picture up for you to see as I am off on holiday for a week and then when I get back it is the Embroiderers' Guild open day so I will be flat out for a bit and there might not be time to blog!

Have a Happy Easter and get lots of new projects started!

Thursday, 2 April 2009


Am so excited today as I am off to make a small patchwork quilt featuring baby shoes!

Patchwork I hear you cry - well it can't always be knitting can it?

Any way will try and post some pictures later just so you can see what I have been doing all day instead of Housework and packing for our holiday next week (we leave on Sat). We should have been going on Friday but him indoors had to go to the office for an important meeting so was very appologetic that we couldn't go until the next day - hooray I was thinking that gives me an extra day to get sorted! Plus the Embroiderers' Guild I am currently Chairman of, is having an open day the week after next and I have got stuff to do with them on Friday too. So lets hope I can fit about 4 days worth of stuff into the next two!

Back later ..........