Thursday, 27 January 2011


I have finally cast off and blocked the sushi shawl and I must admit it is a relief! Firstly I was worried as the yarn seemed quite hard as I knitted (it was BFL so was expecting soft) but after a little soak it does feel much nicer. Also I have never knitted from a sock roll before and the knitting seemed quite bumpy (like knitting with an unraveled jumper) but again these have gone with the soaking and blocking. I reached a point for about a week where it didn't seem to grow at all (this is why I avoid rectangular shawls) and this is why the monogamy was vital to finishing as I probably would have picked up another project in order to see progress. But I did enjoy the pattern as I could memorise all but the centre part and even that became familiar with time. On the whole I have really enjoyed this project and I now know that if I am to do rectangular items I must try to be more monogamous and not get distracted. So last night I picked up the cast on mitten and carried on, the next pair will be 2 at a time I think.....must finish mittens before February as I am having a month of finishing off pairs of socks - I have rather a lot of unfinished ones on the needles - again a bit more monogamy should pay off! Any one else care to join me in 'Finish it Feb'?

Tuesday, 18 January 2011


Now you know me by now and you know that I usually have about 3 or 4 items that I am actively working on at any one time. Well January is monogamy month and besides the second sweet jazz which is my car knitting I have been fairly monogamous - except that I cast on for another pair of mittens. These however are just hanging around though waiting for me to finish my Sushi shawl along (SSA5). I am not sure however that monogamy makes me more productive - that was the test really. It would seem that I only pick it up either when I am avoiding a household task I hate or at the start of the evening before dinner is made.

Routine in our household means that dinner is served quite late (not by my choice) and so I often have an hour before I have to go and start pan bashing. There is sometimes an opportunity to sit down mid way through for a few minutes and I know when there has been socks on the go that they would often have a couple of rounds added at this point but it would seem that if there is anything that needs a bit more attention then this time is not used productively. Conclusion to be drawn from January is that I need both a patterned item and a 'no brainer' on the go at all times. Hey I think that means that the monogamy may be over ..........

PS If you haven't had a look at Allison's online yarn shop then please do - there are some yummy yarns to be had and although I love to have my pick of them I am also happy to share the yarn love and let you top up your stash - there is plenty to go around!

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Whizzing by!

It has been a week since my last post and I am not really sure where it went! Firstly there was unpacking and washing and then a trip to Chester with Lottie. Thursday was back to school for her and required a cake to be baked (honestly I don't remember teachers allowing cake into lessons when I did A-levels) then it was the weekend which meant the annual xmas tree collection for the Scouts and Guides and then Sunday was just gathering ourselves together for the coming week.

I have managed to knit most evenings so my Sushi shawl along is growing steadily. This project arrived at the door on Christmas eve and so became, unusually for me, a monogamous project (with the exception of car knitting which doesn't count). In fact if you can keep a secret I have signed up for the SSA6 as well! The one thing that I really love about this is that I can remember most of the pattern - it is only the bit in the middle that changes on each row. I was not sure I liked it at first as the yarn seemed a bit stiff but it has softened up a lot and I am sure once it has been blocked it will change a lot more. I do have lots of other project that I need to show you - the light here is not at all good today so I will have to try again soon. Am off to go for a walk with Ted now as we both need it! More soon.....

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Happy New Year!

Finally we are home and so as promised here are the pics from my fabulous box

There was some pretty yarn to make a frothy scarf, a kumuhimo kit and a cross stitch kit plus a yummy welsh dragon and something I have always wanted a welsh love spoon. There was also an amazing hand made shawl, hat and mits - Lottie and I are fighting over the hat and mits!

Thank you Barbara for a lovely surprise box and thank you all for taking part again this year. I have enjoyed being a part of your lives for the last few years and look forward to the promise that this year holds. We have all had some rough times and some happy ones as well and it means such a lot to be able to share it all.

I wish you all a peaceful and prosperous 2011 and will be back again soon once I have a little more order here Cheshire - how does unpacking make so much mess? Sxx