Friday, 26 August 2011

Into Orbit!

This week I have finally finished my Orbit shawl which is for Lottie and has been OTN for a few months - the i-cord edge took ages but I really loved doing it.
We have been a bit busy having solar panels put up for the last couple of weeks and yesterday Lottie and I ventured up the scaffolding to take some pictures. It is a good job because today it is raining and so not that great a view.

The view from the top of our house to the sea:

We have panels on both sides of this roof as it is east and west facing

Whilst we were home last week Ted had a visit to the vets for his check up and his kidneys have gone back to normal levels now so they have given him an extra diuretic tablet of a different kind and his tummy has come right down now - he seems happy and although he can't get over excited about things any more he is plodding along so I can't complain too much except about the 6am starts to the day but we have had 2 extra months now and next month will be his 9th birthday - I feel very lucky to have had him in my life this long and take each day as a bonus.

Must dash now as I have scaffolders to make tea for - more soon! Sxx

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Iffy Squiffy

So here I am in my favourite place, 'sort of' on holiday - Lottie is in Italy with her Dad and Dave is working albeit from the kitchen here instead of his office at home! Ted made the journey across the country in the back of the car quite happily and has his fan keeping him cool along with a new gazebo to give him some shade in the garden. There will be no walks along the beach and paddling for us as it would be mean to leave him behind and he would know where we were going (he can read minds)!

So my project to keep me company is my Ifigenia shawl kit, somehow I managed to get my first choice - make a plan! I must admit that this is my most challenging knit ever! My first few rows were knitted and tinked so many times but I have found that a magnetic row marker and a highlighter post it keep me on track and I also have a couple of stitch markers placed between the edging / mesh section and the split between the 2 chart pages - the theory being if I have the right number of stitches in each section I only have a partial row to tink back if something is amiss. I have not done true 'knitted lace' before and this is certainly a challenge.

Hopefully I should have more progress later in the week but for now I am going to enjoy the sunshine while it lasts!