Wednesday, 29 December 2010


I find myself here with a huge apology - I haven't taken the pics I promised and I am 4 hrs from home!

Christmas seemed to be a blur - where did that few days go? I opened my secret Santa box the day it arrived although some of it was in a car at the petrol station (yes I was excited!) and some when we got home. I didn't take pics cos I was embarrassed by my excitement but I packed it all back up for taking photos. Then the black hole that is family time closed in and I find myself in Norfolk for the New year - the box is still full of the amazing gifts I received but on my sofa and not here with me. Thank you Barbara - I promise to honour my box as soon as I am 'home'. It is deserved and I am so happy to have you girls as my friends.

New year approaches and exciting projects loom - I want so much to take this chance to wish you all a fantastic 2011.

2010 I thought should have been my year for no other reason than the number looked good and solid but that turned out to be a crock of crud so hears to 2011 - I am not so keen on the number but hey everything else could be wild. I will be back with news of my in car knitting and maybe a couple of new ventures to send you to sleep.

Happy New Year and very best wishes to you all! Much love, S xxx

Monday, 20 December 2010


Firstly I need to say a huge 'thank you' to my secret Santa - we both know who she is. My parcel arrived by Royal mail yesterday! More on that over the weekend!

It is so cold here that our pipes froze over night - I sorted them out at 7am with the hair dryer. My neighbours are away and so I checked on theirs and the water softener burst as they thawed - turned off the water and am awaiting a plumber!

I have finished my corseted mittens but you have no hope of a pic as I am wearing them and am not taking them off!

I hope you are all keeping warm and safe - back again soon once I am warmer!

Friday, 17 December 2010

Still not done!

I have finally cast off my Amore shawl which I don't think I will get to block until next year (I have been wearing it though) - it is so cosy in my Posh Alpaca. I am almost done with the NDS Gigi scarf as well and have wound my lovely new red Aran yarn from Allison's shop with the hope of making mittens. (too dark for pics today)

On the other hand I still have a tree to decorate and presents and food to buy. Finally it is my last bead class of the year today but I don't suppose they will actually get much of the samplers done as I think it will be about chatting and swapping xmas bits.

I have done quite a bit of on line shopping this year as I haven't been able to get some things in the shops - I hope it all arrives safely. More soon.........

Monday, 13 December 2010

Xmas is still not coming!

Yes that is my cry every year - someone presses the fast forward button on my life once the calender gets to Dec 1st.

Last week was fun - the car was taken away finally by Green flag, the washing machine died on me and then was replaced and I actually managed to start my Christmas shopping. I now have a fixed and returned car (Dave's car not mine) and a shiny new washing machine plus a fairly tidy garage (that is where it lives along with the mice). I also have that slightly strange feeling of having started the xmas shopping but not finished it and wondering what else I need to get to fulfill those extra spaces!

Anyone else in the same boat or are you all done and dusted on the xmas front?

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Trunk Show and Tell!

Saturday was cold and slightly snowy but happily it did not stop us from our trip to Knutsford. I have to say that Amanda and Phil are lovely and I wish that I had more money in my budget (I thought what I had was pretty OK) but there was so much to choose from and I knew that there were things that I definitely had to get.

First up was a new 'Gigi' kit which I have hardly put down the yarn is a dk weight - 40/40/20 Alpaca/Merino/silk and takes 2 skeins.

Progress so far:

Note the fab new ebony hook (from an Eco friendly source) which is a dream to use.I also wanted some more Dazzle BFL for another 'jazz' and a 'secret item' as well

So all that took my entire budget - like I mentioned I thought it seemed quite large enough but clearly it was not! A fab time was had and to complete the day Dave and I managed to find some new wall lights for the lounge (something we had been looking for a long time). I hope that NDS will come back to a yarn shop near me again as it is so nice to be able to feel the yarn as well. Hope you all had a warm and woolly weekend although I suspect most of you had more snow than we did!