Friday, 24 August 2012

New Routines!

The summer has passed in a bit of a blur here so once Lottie had her apprenticeship place the next thing seemed to be results and her 18th Birthday. She got 2C's and a D (English, Physics and Maths) which would have been enough to get her into the Uni of her choice if she had wanted to go. Work started in earnest on Monday of this week and we have to drive to the station for the 8.30 train and then pick her up again at 6.45pm. Hopefully she will be able to drive herself to the station soon but in the meantime it provides some good practice time for her behind the wheel.

Speaking of wheels I have been emptying some of my bobbins of the remnants of spun yarn that needed plying. The left overs I had were the ends of fibre that I had spun into uneven lengths on the bobbin meaning that when I had been doing a 2 ply yarn one bobbin had more on it than another. I plucked up the courage to ply from a centre pull ball using both ends to give the 2 plies needed. I was a bit worried as I had heard that this could be a tricky thing to do but as it was only  partial bobbins I thought it was worth a try! It
worked quite successfully and you can see the bobbin end yarns are the skinny skeins next to the full size ones plus my lovely assistant ( I am not sure why there is a green stripe in the photo - I don't have any green on my carpet).

I have now finished off my colour affection shawl - it was such an easy knit and I really enjoyed it. 

I have also  made progress on the Rams and Yowes blanket and a couple of my sushi shawls - it would seem that this summer has been all about making progress rather than starting new projects! 

Hopefully there should be more spinning soon as I have discovered that my bobbins from the 'traditional' fit the freedom flyer on my new 'Joy' so I have lots more bobbins spare than I first thought!

Have a lovely bank holiday weekend! Sxx