Monday, 16 September 2013


Apologies for the time delay yet again - I have been so busy with helping take care of my sister that time has flown by! What with meetings and dentistry ops my life has become consumed by her life and my own has become not so.

You may remember the crochet blanket which was my sanity project when life got tough - well now it is finally finished! In reality it was finished crochet wise at least a month ago but it is the ends that have caused the 'finally finished' delay - actually sitting down and weaving in those ends is not hard it is just finding the space in life to sit down and do it!

I made the blanket as the pattern suggested but once it was joined together I found I had plenty of background colours left (the pattern colours are enough for another blanket - more on that later) so I decided to add a border using just background colours - I ran out of one and had to find a bit more from a fellow club member who had some left over but it makes the blanket a bit larger and a bit roomier and I am happy that I did so!

I promise to try to blog a little more often now but things seem to be hectic all of the time here - its not that I am out there enjoying myself I am just juggling the tiny amount of free time that I seem to have!