Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Flying past!

Do you remember when I wanted May to go really quickly because it was a nightmare - well I forgot to tell June to go slowly! I am knitting as fast as I can but need to just knit more I think. Please can someone put an extra couple of days into June or my golden Tilia will not be finished. Off to do another row - will keep you posted and add pics soon!

Saturday, 19 June 2010

Another week

Wow that one whizzed by. This week has been an odd one just running about after Lottie - exams, party and a bit of shopping plus work and Embroiderers' Guild and here I am at the weekend again. I had a bit of a disaster with the new shawl last weekend and I think I was at the same place by the end of it as I started! It is not like me to have such a major trauma with my shawls but it was a bit stressy last weekend so I blame that.....

I have finally used my new lace blocking wires and blocked 'Cindarella' - they are so easy to use and Hulu gave a great service. I bought the deluxe set on Allisons recommendation and I think it was worth the extra - I could if I wanted actually block several shawls at once or a humongous one!

So back to the new shawl again now or I won't get it finished - all I can say is the football came at just the right time (I don't like watching at all but can get away with knitting without looking whilst 'him in doors' has a watch).

Hope all is well with you all - not heard from a couple of you in a while so come on girls tell us where you have been. xxx S

Friday, 11 June 2010

Just quickly!

Hi All,

I have been away from blog land for a bit - too mad busy to do anything. Firstly it was the exhibition and then half term - I had to do extra hours to cover holidays etc and then I had a day off to take Lottie prom dress shopping. Then it was back to school (make that just for exams with extra running about to cover in between) plus more extra hours and a bout of tonsillitis and finally yesterday Embroiderers guild had a trip to Bradford to Bombay stores and Texere yarns! I can truly say I have been too busy!

So a quick catch up on events then - our exhibition had 440 visitors over the 3 day weekend!

We got a prom dress - very pretty but not anything that went with the Tilia shawl sadly so Cindarella (the yarn name) will not be going to the ball. I ordered some fresh yarn from NDS instead in a very pretty gold colour and cast that on last weekend as well - I have a deadline to work to now!

This week has been a busy exam week and Monday saw a very red and sore throat - loads of gargling with disparable aspirin did the trick along with some rest and Lottie managed to see it off - Maths and Graphic products exams today!

Yesterday saw me running around at 6.30 am to get everything ready for our trip to Bradford. It was a great day and I bought lots of lovely things - more on that later.

Now I have to dash and get Lottie out of the door - roll on Saturday is all I can say!