Wednesday, 17 December 2008


Well it started out as a fairly strange evening - Lottie off to guides etc. Then the phone started to ring so I wound the skein if dancing leaf farm yarn as I chatted! At this point I was just enjoying 'playing' with the yarn - no crime there then!! I then had a message on the phone so called that person back and carried on winding. Still no crime committed.

I actually wrote all of my Christmas cards (yes I am late I know that and every year I vow to do then sooner). I then went out and did the child collection bit and returned all girls to rightful parents - I am doing so well!

My daughter then decides she is so full of party sugar that she is to hyper to go to bed yet as starts chatting away (as she does!). At this point I have a pattern in mind for this yarn and begin to start!!! Now there was the crime!!!! Even worse I then show my daughter who says no I don't like that why don't you knit a clapotis without all the dropped stitches so you can see how pretty the yarn is? Hmm quick frog and recast on and here is the worst bit -I like it - so have now knitted the starting part of said scarf/shawl from here on in known as a clop (so called by afore mentioned daughter).

So now I have yet another just begun project - lots to take away over Christmas me thinks!

For goodness sake don't lets me cast anything else on or I won't get all the essentials into the car along with all my knitting, sewing machine, dog, wellies etc. I have put the pic of some of my wips up here so you can see but believe me there are lots more to come. Must go - still more shopping to do today! Hope the 'box' arrives with the next person soon! I did post it girls - I promise (on friday so I am starting to panic now - hope it is just the Christmas rush).

See you soon, S xx (hmm rug looks like it needs a bath - sorry)

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