Saturday, 19 June 2010

Another week

Wow that one whizzed by. This week has been an odd one just running about after Lottie - exams, party and a bit of shopping plus work and Embroiderers' Guild and here I am at the weekend again. I had a bit of a disaster with the new shawl last weekend and I think I was at the same place by the end of it as I started! It is not like me to have such a major trauma with my shawls but it was a bit stressy last weekend so I blame that.....

I have finally used my new lace blocking wires and blocked 'Cindarella' - they are so easy to use and Hulu gave a great service. I bought the deluxe set on Allisons recommendation and I think it was worth the extra - I could if I wanted actually block several shawls at once or a humongous one!

So back to the new shawl again now or I won't get it finished - all I can say is the football came at just the right time (I don't like watching at all but can get away with knitting without looking whilst 'him in doors' has a watch).

Hope all is well with you all - not heard from a couple of you in a while so come on girls tell us where you have been. xxx S


busybusybeejay said...

Can we see some photos of the shawl and which one are you doing now.?Everyone seems so busy it makes it seem great to be retired.

Sugar Hippo said...

Gosh! I just checked my blog & I can't believe it's been nearly a month since I wrote! Must get on to that. I'd love to see a photo of Cinderella too - can't wait to see what the drop beads look like (can we see the dress too?) A. x

Claire said...

I've just ordered some blocking wires from Hulu as well although I only went for the basic set.

My problem is that in a small house with two children and oodles of stuff there is not one flat area where I can leave something for any length of time to block. I'm wondering if I make a blocking board teamed with the wires and pinned tightly - would it work if I leaned it up against a wall do you think?

Must blog soon - I've just taken on an SST C&G course in design on computers for stitched textiles and along with work and children and the garden - I'm a tad busy :) and that's how I like it - no time to get bored.