Thursday, 29 July 2010

Post card from Norfolk

Here I am in the loveliest part of the world (in my opinion) and the weather has been amazing - hot sunny and lovely most days, a few cloudy but warm and a couple of wet sprinkles thrown in for balance!

This is us back at our favourite beach at Brancaster having a game of boules! Not much of a picture I know but I am not the worlds best a taking the camera with me (it is a bit big so doesn't fit into your pocket!). On our way back from the beach we stopped in Salthouse to find these cuties who want to peck at our feet -

There has been some knitting done - a bit on my Hesperia shawl, a bit on my nutkin sock and some of my giant skein jumper but nothing significant I am afraid - too much sun and fun for knitting. Hopefully I will manage some better pics before we go home!

Love from Norfolk - Sx


busybusybeejay said...

Lucky you.We stayed at the Lifeboat Inn in Thornham.You are having much better weather than here in N Wales.Enjoy the rest of the holiday.

Sugar Hippo said...

You picked a good time to go away,
we in the South (of Birmingham!)have been having a lovely dry, warm summer - is it windy in Brancaster? Whenever we 'go East' there's always a strong wind - great for kit flying though!

Claire said...

Glad you had a good time. We went off to Portsmouth and the weather was amazing.