Friday, 26 August 2011

Into Orbit!

This week I have finally finished my Orbit shawl which is for Lottie and has been OTN for a few months - the i-cord edge took ages but I really loved doing it.
We have been a bit busy having solar panels put up for the last couple of weeks and yesterday Lottie and I ventured up the scaffolding to take some pictures. It is a good job because today it is raining and so not that great a view.

The view from the top of our house to the sea:

We have panels on both sides of this roof as it is east and west facing

Whilst we were home last week Ted had a visit to the vets for his check up and his kidneys have gone back to normal levels now so they have given him an extra diuretic tablet of a different kind and his tummy has come right down now - he seems happy and although he can't get over excited about things any more he is plodding along so I can't complain too much except about the 6am starts to the day but we have had 2 extra months now and next month will be his 9th birthday - I feel very lucky to have had him in my life this long and take each day as a bonus.

Must dash now as I have scaffolders to make tea for - more soon! Sxx


busybusybeejay said...

Lucky you having a house with a view like that!i am soooo envious.Love the shawl.I am just about to print out the written instructions for the Ifigenia shawl and see if between the chart and this i can work it out.

Sugar Hippo said...

Fabulous shawl! And finished just in time for the next SSA!! I am also jealous of the view and of your ability to understand Ifigenia (my yarn is gorgeous but the pattern is not my friend!)