Monday, 9 January 2012

Bags of Fun!

Way back in October I was lucky enough to get to the top of the list for a Hexibag from Picperfic and I was over the moon to be able to carry my Nupkin hat around with me as I sat waiting as ever to collect my family members as and when was required.

Now being a bit of a fan girl I follow Marianne on twitter and Facebook and love to look at her pictures of other bags she has made - it was whilst I was browsing that Lottie spotted another hexibag with lovely pretty skulls on and said that she would love one of those so secretly I asked very nicely if Marianne would make me one specially for her as a Christmas surprise which she did and also she made me one of her special Little dumpling bags at the same time.

Lottie was over the moon on Christmas morning when she opened her bag to which I had added sock needles and yarn to as well (she is on her first pair of socks but it is slow going at the moment).

Now I love my hexibag a lot and I have my nupkin in there still as my grab and go project when I dash out of the door but it is the little dumpling that makes me smile everyday at the moment - it is like a little bucket and holds my very lovely ball of plumptious yarn and my current 'Cilantro' scarf project. I love the shape of it and the pretty spotty fabric and knowing that it was made just for me.

At the moment it is joy in little things keeping us all bobbing along so I wanted to share a little bit of my joy with you all just in case you were in need of some. Sx

What makes you smile today?


Sugar Hippo said...

Ah, now that's a nice bag & the yarn looks very pretty too ;) Seeing it reminded me that I never sent you that shawl pattern I promised - sorry - but you seem to have found something else to make with it. Think that's the first time I've ever heard a skull described as 'lovely and pretty' but I know what you mean!

Anonymous said...

what a happy blog post...I love your enthusiasm for my work, it makes me feel good! Thank you :D

busybusybeejay said...

Glad you are smiling!Our son in law had his car stolen yesterday,our daughter's car needed £400 spending on it to get through the MOT,I have had the most dreadful cold ever and to cap it all our 6yr old granddaughter ended up in A&E having knocked out two front teeth in rough play with her Dad.We had to drive to Crewe to pick up 3 yr old Ruby.Not a good start to the New Year.Glad yours is better.(C os going in hospital on Friday,the 13th,for minor surgery.Should he cancel!!It could all have been much worse I suppose!

Sarah Knits said...

Sorry to hear you are having a horrid time Barbara - feel better soon! I will admit I don't actually hold with the Friday the 13th myth as I think bad stuff can happen any day of the month and often does. I guess that is just the optimist within me that refuses to believe one single day attracts the bad things and if I don't believe it then it won't happen! Right? Sx

Anni said...

I love those bags. May have to go and take a look. It's not like I need another project bag ... but they are so cute.... I need one.