Thursday, 2 February 2012

Herman and the podcasts!

So Tuesday was B day for Herman and despite Allison cautioning me against the horrors of someone else having pre owned a part of him I went ahead and baked him! I totally understand where you were coming from on the pre owning front Allison but as I know the last 2 owners quite well I felt that it would be ok. I have to confess he is delicious and isn't helping my expanding waist line much at all!

My podcast journey began a good few years ago and coincides with the start of the Wiggly wigglers podcast. I am a bit of a 'greeny' and had bought a wormery from them and so wanted the chance to learn more about what they get up to down in Herefordshire. I have to confess they are hilarious and also quite informative on coutryside matters!

After I had been hooked by the podcast bug I then went on to look for other things I might like to listen to and quickly found The knitmore girls currently they are on a break as Jasmin has just had a baby but it is worth listening to some of the back episodes if you are new to them as they have some great stuff going on.

I have a couple more American podcasts that I also listen to from time to time but  recently more uk ones have begun to pop up. My current line up is: a playful daycast-onElectric sheepknit spin cake and yarns from the plain.

Have I missed any that you love? Please let me know so I can give them a try. Hopefully there are some here you haven't listened to and can give them a go - let me know what you think.

Will be back with pictures of knitted stuff soon! Sx

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Sugar Hippo said...

I'm glad I didn't put you off Herman!! I should listen to more podcasts - I'm going to search for some now. I used to download the Knitting Nora one but haven't for ages.