Thursday, 22 March 2012

Too long!

Sorry it has been a while since my last post, life here has been plodding along as ever although we have had a bit of a readjustment in terms of meds for Ted which has resulted in me no longer having to get up at 6am for his first lot of tablets. I can now have a lie in until 7am which is lovely although I do still have to get up at 2am and he now has a full lot of tablets then as well as his injection. There are many hours of sleep still to catch up on but along with the lighter mornings I am feeling much more perky. Ted is much better too and the cardiologist is stunned that he is doing so well now and finally putting some weight back on after all he has lost recently.

On the knitting front I have made a little progress with the sheep blanket

but most of my time has been taken up with the linen top of doom (we had a small sizing hiccup so back to the start it went)
and a small shawl that I can knit when it is too dark to see the dark linen yarn.
I have been using the continental method for everything except the linen top as the yarn has no give in it and I really love this method of working. I hope that now I am a little less tired that I can increase my knitting output as I have so much to do and a little more energy to do it with. I trust that all is well with you all. Sx


busybusybeejay said...

I was wondering what had happened to you.I don't know how you are managing with getting up every night.I have totally lost my mojo at the moment.I have enough scasrves,shawls etc so am going to make some baby blankets for charity.

Claire said...

Nice to hear from you again - glad to hear that Ted is improving.

That linen yarn looks interesting - with no give in it is it like cotton in texture?

I do like your sheep - is that your pattern or commercially available?

I've just finished an Alpaca cardigan with raglan sleeves and a lacey yoke. The sides and back were all knitted together on one needle (circular of course) and the sleeves were knitted in the round and then knitted into place resulting in 335 stitches per row at the widest point. I had a problem with the button hole band as I was tired when I knitted it and it was wavy (sewed in place as knitted) So I took it off and it turned out to be about 3 inches longer than the other band !!! So I redid it more carefully and the recipient was delighted although slightly shocked when she tried it on and realised how warm it is :)

Sarah Knits said...

Hi Claire - the linen yarn has much less drape than the cotton yarn and is quite stiff. It is much nicer once it has been steam blocked!

The sheep pattern is Rams and Yowes by Kate Davies (its on Ravelry and also her website which has a link from my last post).

The alpaca cardi sounds lovely, alpaca is one of my favourite yarns.

picperfic said...

I truly love how your sheep blanket is looking, such even knitting :)