Wednesday, 23 May 2012

May is flying!

I am finding it really hard to blog at the moment as life is pretty much a cope with each day as it happens kind of thing. Ted is plodding along in his happy and contented kind of existence and I seem to just do whatever it takes to keep him that way. Lottie is working hard but finding that A levels are very stressful right now and wishing that the next 4 weeks would be over and done with soon.

I have several projects on the needles but this is my current favourite:

It is the Chameleon shawl and right now the simple garter stitch is just what is needed while I watch TV at night.

Before I pop off and leave you in peace I wanted to share a quick link with you. I love the work that this lady does and one day I hope to be able to own some of it, she is based in my favourite county - Norfolk and I love those little ceramic hens so much! potterjotter.blogspot


Claire said...

Love the potter jotter stuff - what an amazingly creative lady. I especially love the quilt block plates.

Anonymous said...

beautiful knitting Sarah...I'm just off to look at the link you provided :)