Monday, 3 February 2014

Inspiration needed?

After my last post Barbara said she was looking for inspiration and it got me thinking about what I do when I 'need' a new project. To be clear here I don't ever have 'nothing on the needles', there are always projects that are lurking in the background waiting to be rediscovered and reloved or simply just finished off! Sometimes however I do find myself thinking that I really really need some new exciting thing to fill that void which has suddenly appeared for whatever reason, at this point I sign into Ravelry and start to rummage around. I know that we all use this website in different ways but for me when I come across a pattern I like I will add it to my favourites queue and this is my first point of rummaging around to see what grabs my attention. Something else I also do is look through my friends queue's and projects as they might have seen something that I haven't and it can lead to an exciting discovery! Occasionally I also see projects in thread conversations that grab my attention and by adding them to favourites they remind me to go back and take a second look. Usually by now something has caught my eye and I am beginning a new project but sometimes nothing quite hits the spot and I take a good hard look at the projects that are already begun but need more work and I pick one out and sit down to check where I left it and remind myself of the pattern. So either I have a project that I want to carry on working on or by working on it a bit more it brings to mind something else I thought about previously and was too busy to start!

This week as well as working on my hat and my shawl I have also been finishing off a baby cardigan! Now don't get all excited here it isn't for anyone you know - it is for Dave's boss in the USA. It isn't often I knit baby things as they don't really do much for me in terms enjoyment and I have no idea why as they are quite quick to do but there we have it. This is what I made:

It is the beyond puerperium cardigan and was knitted as a 3-6 month size. I have also knitted the Puerperium cardigan in the smallest size in the past for another of Dave's work friends and it is a really simple pattern to do but seems to be quite popular with the recipients! I have another one of these to knit for Dave's UK boss as his wife is also expecting soon! Hopefully all should be quiet on the baby front for a while after that and I can retreat to my happier knitting!

I hope that by next week I will have something off the needles to show you all but until then happy rummaging! S x

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Claire said...

Poor Dave gets two bosses!!! Bad enough having one sometimes :) I know what you mean about inspiration. I have a lot of 'things on the needles' some of which have been there for a long old time. Currently I am getting enough commission work that I am not having time for my own stuff. However, I intend to make time very shortly.

Hope life is treating you well. All the best. Claire