Monday, 8 September 2014

September already!

August passed me by in another whirlwind of holiday and birthdays and here we are at the start of autumn! So what did I do to fill the time? Well I finished the June section of the Kaleidoscope blanket:

Bertie spent many happy hours stealing the yarn from my bag and tangling it up, he really does love this blanket!

Lottie's friend from work made me these lovely cupcakes for my birthday!

And we all had fun on the beach!

And here we are in September with the weather changing towards a cooler and darker time and I am looking back and thinking what a lovely summer we had! I seem to be having a huge dose of startitis so I will be back soon to show what I have on my needles and hooks! S x


busybusybeejay said...

I love the blanket.I can't believe the size of Bertie!

Sugar Hippo said...

That dog just keeps on growing! Glad you had a wonderful birthday :). I love those Guylian seashell things - yummy.