Tuesday, 6 January 2009

I'm Back!!

Well Hi there did you miss me? Probably not but here I am again. Well Christmas crept up very quickly and at the last minute there was not time to say goodbye and Merry Christmas. So I will say Hello and Happy New Year instead!

You will be quite proud of me I think - I finished the other mitten so Jess now has a pair! And I finished my scarf (am wearing it constantly at the moment it is so cold).

I need to cast on some socks for a friend (that doesn't count as startitis) so will have lots to keep me busy in the cold. Also I have been working on the sock monkey/bunny (pics to follow). He has 2 legs and 1/3 of a body. Must dash back to the fire now am feeling a bit cold! Take care all and wrap up warm - it wasn't this cold on the Norfolk coast!!!!

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