Sunday, 18 January 2009

Last week!

Not sure how but last week disappeared into thin air. Not enough house work was done and boy was I made to feel bad about it! On the flip side the garden guys got plenty of mugs of tea and as a result my new fence is finished - hooray!

Also I have a huge confession to make I went on a bit of a yarn spree. Yep I bought 2 skeins of lace weight and 3 of sock / 4ply. I wound 1 skein of the 4ply and cast on the coin lace clapotis. In my defense though my other half was away all week and then Lottie (my daughter) was away from Wednesday to Friday so I was all alone. It was fun for a bit and I went to a 'pampered chef' party on Thursday but overall I don't like this alone thing - it is much more fun when everyone is around and much cheaper too. I then went back on ebay and bought the whole collection of Harry Potter sock yarn - it should arrive next week!

Never mind, another week over and all returned home safe and sound! The only bad side is the other half is off again tonight to return later in the week. Will try not to buy any more stuff this week (have bought my first harmony circular needle tonight!).

Will try to put up some pics soon - they always make things more fun. Back soon!

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