Monday, 24 May 2010

Feeling hot hot hot!

Wednesday the heat was just right for me - warm enough for t-shirt and summer trousers and enough warmth to sit out for a while! I said to him indoors that this was just right for me - so what happens it gets really hot - way too hot for me GRRRRR!

The dog and I have boiled this weekend - no walks for him incase it is too much and some walks for me as him indoors needed to stretch his legs after sitting at a desk all week.

This week has been a bit mad we had an embroiderers guild meeting followed by a committee meeting and then I had to go straight to work that day. Plus all the final prep for the exhibition next weekend.

In spite of all that I still managed to cast off Tilia - need payday before I can buy blocking wires to finish it properly but I have until July 1st to do that. Lottie doesn't actually finish at school until they break up this week and then she will have exams fairly solidly after that. Her Prom is the 1st of July as I mentioned and we still have a dress to get for that.

Good Luck to all of the boys and girls doing GCSE's currently!

Must dash I still have my exhibition items to finish and a mad week to get through! Roll on June is all I can say!

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