Thursday, 27 May 2010

May Mayhem!

Well this is what has been keeping me busy this week!

I am also just finishing off the mini quilt to go in the exhibition as well - but boy has dolly been a demanding girl!
Tomorrow is put up day so I hope it is not too hot or we will melt, tonight will be mad as I have to go and make sure the display boards have arrived and deliver the display cabinet which will need a wash today as it is so filthy from storage!
Once all that is done I have to go and see Lottie's exhibition of art work at school. Maybe after all that I might manage a sit down and something to eat - who knows. Speaking of something to eat I guess I need to organise that as well.
See what I mean about madness!
I will probably not be checking in over the weekend as I am also supervising a lot of the exhibition as well so where ever you are have a good time and I hope the weather is kind too us all! Roll on June........


Sugar Hippo said...

Wow! Dolly is fab! (Her hair is a little reminiscent of mine last week ....) Weather is not being kind in Bedfordshire at the present time - typical Bank Holiday. Hope your exhibitions go well, nice to hear that Lottie has inherited an artistic streak from her Mother!

Claire said...

Love Dolly she is amazing.