Monday, 27 September 2010

I am a bad girl!

Last week I was sorting out some of my projects and realised exactly how much yarn I have collected over the last couple of years! I vowed I would not buy any more until I have used up some of it - ok a lot of it!

Last night just before I went to bed I needed to check my email and just happened to take a look at the posh sale - now I thought it would be ok as it was 10.30pm and usually all the stuff I would pick has gone by then but no!!!!! There was some lace AND some sock in my favourite colours and it seemed to be calling me - oops - nuff said I think!


busybusybeejay said...

I deliberately didn't look at the Posh Yarn sale because I have so much stash.I am trying to decide what to do for xmas presents.Everyone has had socks and scarves so it might be gloves(never done those) or tea cosies!Have you projects planned for the Posh Yarn.actually might just pop over there and see if there is anything left!

Claire said...

Must admit I find the Posh site totally irresistable and I have so many skeins of their yarn sitting in my yarn box - waiting for inspiration. I am too looking at what can I make for Christmas pressies. No point making hats or scarves for any of my lot as they won't wear them.