Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Turned into and odd week!

Last Wednesday I recieved an email about test knitting from Alice at Socktopus (I had volunteered ages ago) and so it turned into a very busy time for sock knitting I completed my test sock in a week and have now sent off my notes.

This was supposed to be my size but it appears that Jitterbug (the only one I had off the list) knits up a little larger than regular sock yarn - note the hairy leg belongs to 'him indoors'. I ran out of the colour I started with and as I only had small amounts of other colours this is how it turned out - not a hit as far as the yarn is concerned but the sock does not feature in the book I was only required to test and proof the pattern.

Tuesday morning was weigh in day and hoorah I lost 3 1/2lbs bringing me to a total of 5lbs in 2 weeks - I still have a long way to go but at least it is going!

Todays nightmare is having my kitchen units repainted they looked like this

Can you see how the knots show thorough? It makes the units look dirty but they aren't at all!

Poor Ted and I are shut up in the lounge while the painting and banging goes on in the kitchen - there isn't supposed to be banging so I am not sure what they are doing! Anyway I have printed out the final clue for spriteling and I am about to get going so will be off now, must see if anyone needs a drink first though or I will forget once I get knitting!


busybusybeejay said...

Let me know how you found Spriteling.I have at last finished and I am just about to go and block it.I did find it challenging and it is not a pattern i would do again.
Let me know about any other KALs that come up.
Looking forward to seeing yours finished.

Claire said...

Know what you mean about the knots - our banisters are covered in them and like you say, they make them look really dirty.

Good for you getting test knitting to do. I'm about to venture onto my first pair of socks for my old man. I bought the yarn from Allison and can't wait to get started.

My Spriteling is still way behind as I've oversubscribed myself as usual.