Thursday, 26 May 2011

Blocking along!

Finally I finished my Spriteling KAL last weekend but need to wait to block it until I had been and bought some 'blocking boards' aka foam mats from Tesco (I think I will go and get a second set next week).

The sheen on this yarn is amazing and I love the colours so much, thank you Allison for dyeing the best yarn ever! I loved this KAL and really enjoyed it, the only issues with the pattern were when I was too stressed to concentrate properly (it was always billed as an advanced intermediate knit) and I found that in a couple of places you really needed to be on the ball to get it right so for me it was user error and nothing more. I will probably knit another of these at some point but I have a few things to finish first.

So whilst the blocking bug is still around I also washed and blocked my Amore shawl that I finished ages ago this is a 'Posh' yarn and the pattern was really easy and simple to do - the shawl has already been well worn over the winter by both Lottie and me (I have another on the needles for 'us' as well) and we love it.

Amore shawl:

This has been a strange week here as it has been AS level exams this week with 1 more after half term - lots of 'to and froing' and a bit of stressing. I have been knitting away on my 'Royal Wedding shawl' and am now half way across. More on that one soon...... Sxx


busybusybeejay said...

Both shawls are lovely.What thickness wool did you use for the Spriteling?I like the look of the Amore pattern,it looks a little more straightforward.Blocking mats from Tesco?I must have missed those.

Sarah Knits said...

They are kids play mats like big puzzle pieces 4 for £10 - not really sold as blocking mats but that made me laugh!

Both shawls were sock weight yarn. Am joining a new KAL at the yarn addict group on Ravelry its called daisy shawl - worth a look I think?

Sugar Hippo said...

Daisy? I shall have to have a look & sign up. I love the way your spriteling looks - I'm pleased with the effect of the yarn! Oh! & I told you you'd need two packs ;)!!

Sarah Knits said...

I know you said get 2 packs but I thought I would try 1 to see if they worked first plus I was feeling a bit hard up and only had enough tesco vouchers for 1 pack so I had a rummage when I got home and found some more vouchers, can get another set this week! Always seems better when I can get them free;)

Claire said...

Sarah they are both absolutely beautiful and I am going to push on with my Spriteling now I've finished my OU assignment, and seen how wonderful yours looks. I agree with you, Allison's yarns are fantastic - I've got some wonderful sock yarn that I'm planning to knit into socks for my old man who can't wear shop socks as his left ankle keeps swelling up