Friday, 24 June 2011

Ho hum!

Its Friday again and it has been a bit of a week here to say the least.

Poor Ted has spent most of the week at the vets as he has a problem with the right side of his heart not working correctly. He will be on tablets from now on and we will be visiting the cardiologist regularly. Poor thing now has shaved bits again where they have been scanning him and a swollen tummy due to fluid retention. Hopefully we should have more news next week.

So knitting has been a bit hit and miss and I have just made a mistake on 'blooming' shawl - grr that usually only happens when something is amiss in life! Daisy is plodding along nicely and the weekend is upon us so hopefully plenty of knitting should do the trick.

Also my dishwasher has started to make a very odd noise - hope that isn't about to go pop as well? Back soon, Sx

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Claire said...

Sorry to hear about Ted - hope he is improving now and taking his tablets like a good boy.