Friday, 3 June 2011

Quiet here!

It has been a funny sort of week this week - it spent all day holiday Monday raining so it was at least an opportunity to enjoy a bit of happy knitting time followed by weigh in day on Tuesday - lost a lb this week (6 1/2lbs total). On Wednesday Lottie and I had a trip to Chester - more clothes needed for college!!! I also managed to get an extra couple of 4mm needles for 2 projects which are on the horizon soon. Thursday was just taxi day as Lottie had revision sessions at college for the last of the AS exams and today I have just delivered her to her boyfriends house for the day! I expect she will have her head back in the books again over the weekend as well. I also managed to spray all of my horrid 'mares tails' that have sprung up in my garden since the grass was sprayed to kill it off - apparently 'roundup' doesn't work on them so a more vile concoction was required - not something my garden man wanted to do for me!

So what have I been amusing myself with this week? It is the Sushi shawl along 6 - orbit shawl. It is a Pi shawl which I seem very drawn to at the moment and I have been quietly knitting my way through the dreaded 'Britain's' got talent?' this week not paying attention to the rubbish I have been subjected to (can you tell I am not a fan?) in between all of the other nonsense that seems to be going on around me in my crazy world. So here is my progress so far:
Ha you will not believe what has just happened here - the tyre on Dave's car has just burst while it was sitting on the drive! I made an excellent start to swapping the tyres over but try as I might the wheel nuts were immovable - Green Flag came to the rescue and swapped it in a few minutes! From this:

To this:

Thank you Green Flag man!

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Sugar Hippo said...

Urgh! I hate those mares tails! I had a reasonable knitting week too and fortunately no tyre bursts! How does that 'just happen'? Thank goodness it didn't go while you were driving to Norfolk - Love the new Pi by the way!