Thursday, 22 September 2011

Today I went out!

Sounds silly doesn't it but life is quite restricted at the moment. Today was the first day of the Embroiderers' guild 21st anniversary exhibition - you may remember I was in charge of the last couple of exhibitions but since I am now 'retired' from the committee I was just a spectator and went along today to take a look at the work that was on display. Along with a couple of my own bits of work were some stunning examples of other peoples. Sadly I can't share it with you as it was a 'no pics please' event. There were also about 4 stalls selling goodies - buttons, beads, patchwork and my favourite 'The threshing barn'. I may have happened to make a couple of purchases as it would have been rude to pass by and not, I thought you might like to see!

Looks like I was missing a bit of sparkle from my life so I added some in the form of yarn - each of the above is sparkly but am not sure it shows completely in the picture. Please don't think in any way that I am actually short of yarn because I am not but it is always nice to come home feeling you have something to get excited about. Plus actually going out to something that isn't a vital trip (ie food shopping or taxi service) is a luxury I am a little short on at the moment. I have 1 more trip up my sleeve for Monday - a beginners zumba class for an hour and boy do I need the exercise! If you hear there was an earth quake in Cheshire on Monday morning then you will know who to blame. Also whilst I am taking blame that terrible rain on Saturday was down to me as well - I might have been having a bit of a sing a long to the ipod whilst I was finishing stripping the border in our bedroom and the house was empty aside from Ted and I - Dave drew the short straw and went to visit Nottingham Uni although secretly I think he enjoyed his day out. He also managed a trip to Canary wharf on Monday to visit a customer so he had a really exciting time!

Lottie is off to visit her Dad this weekend - it doesn't happen that often so it is worth mentioning! She is going on the train by herself, a move I have resisted for a while, but in another year she could be off to uni so I had think carefully about that whole independence thing and since I will be putting her on at one end and her Dad 'should' be there to meet her I am hopeful it will be ok? Am I over protective about this or not being careful enough here - your thoughts on this one please?


busybusybeejay said...

I think Lottie is old enough to go on the train on her own ,in my view.She's sensible and presumably has a mobile phone.I think you have to give them situations like this before they go off to uni.Our son played badminton for Wales and from 14 onwards was away all the time in competitions.We never knew who he would be staying with(I cringe now thinking about it!)It's all preparation for life away from home.Us mums are so protective!

Sugar Hippo said...

Wait until she first drives off on her own! You're not being over protective, you just have to hope you've brought them up to be sensible and responsible. I know Lottie is both of these things - she's like her Mum :) nice yarn by the way - I do like blue sparkles.