Friday, 6 March 2009

At Last!

I finally finished Sue's Socks but can't show you a picture because I gave them away! I also managed to finish one of my Harry Potter gloves, finishitis is the word of the week!

I have undone the heel of my Maine Island socks and am using a smaller needle as the foot was far too baggy for me to wear. Am now more than half way down the heel!

Lotties clop is at a stand still but I will pick it up again this weekend, although I have a new sock pattern and some red regia sock yarn calling me to cast on so who knows which will win out - will let you know.

I also have a new sock convert - the same Sue who was the recipient of the afore mentioned socks, I love it when more people join the cause.

I have also been teaching people how to wind centre pull balls from a skein and encouraging another friend to dig out here collinette yarn that has sat in the cupboard for the last few years and cast on!

I love it when the sun comes out! Must dash now as I am hogging the broadband and him indoors is trying to work!

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