Tuesday, 17 March 2009

St Patricks Day!

Well hey there, I guess the only person who reads this blog is you Miss Hippo! It would seem that I am leading you astray ha ha. So on that note I will wish you a Happy St Patricks day and advise you to drink plenty - and you can blame the hang over on me!

I have finished my Harry Potter gloves in Harry and Ron, just as the weather is warming up and I don't need them!

I have also cast on more socks but not the ones I mentioned last time! I have some lovely merino and tencel in a cyclamin colour way (photo to follow) and am using the Violet green baby beanstalk pattern. The socks are coming along nicely which is more than I can say for him indoors just now. Given that he has been away for part of each week since before xmas and this week he is home all week he is now complaining that I knit too much (me never!). I know that whenever I have to collect him at the station along come the needles (if I forget them the train is always late) and most evenings I do some while the TV is on (I get bored otherwise) but I think he should be grateful really don't you? At least he is not sat in an empty hotel room and he is waited on hand and foot at home, I don't think a bit of knitting is that bad really.

I guess I am biased but if it stops me going insane then who is anyone to complain???

Any way have had my quick rant now so must go and get some shopping - guides senior section require 1980's inspired food hmmm sounds fun!

Oh and just to egg you on my little friend - have you tried down loading some knitting podcasts they are great for listening to in the car whilst you are driving kids / husbands to and from the various locations (although I only listen to mine once I have dropped off or am going to pick up - too many complaints otherwise).

Happy knitting this week!

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