Thursday, 2 April 2009


Am so excited today as I am off to make a small patchwork quilt featuring baby shoes!

Patchwork I hear you cry - well it can't always be knitting can it?

Any way will try and post some pictures later just so you can see what I have been doing all day instead of Housework and packing for our holiday next week (we leave on Sat). We should have been going on Friday but him indoors had to go to the office for an important meeting so was very appologetic that we couldn't go until the next day - hooray I was thinking that gives me an extra day to get sorted! Plus the Embroiderers' Guild I am currently Chairman of, is having an open day the week after next and I have got stuff to do with them on Friday too. So lets hope I can fit about 4 days worth of stuff into the next two!

Back later ..........

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