Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Catching up!

Here are my three little egg cosies that I made for easter (2 of them went away as body parts and came home assembled!) just wanted to show them to the world as I did actually have them done for Easter morning.
Also finished in at Easter were 1 of my beanstalk socks (see below) and a blind for the bedroom window (at last).

Startitis has attacked again and now have added to the wip pile a circle sock (in red yarn - am not likeing the colour but love the pattern) and a lace weight scarf / shawl. I just need to control these urges to cast on but no it seems impossible.

Him in doors is away tonight and tommorrow night so lets see what I can manage to get working on while he is away. More later ........

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Sugar Hippo said...

OOh! I love that red sock! the pattern is fab. I only knitted a plain old stocking stitch sock in Harry because a) I wanted to see how the colours came out and b) it's quick and I don't have to think much. Glad my roving gave you inspiration but I felt so inadequate with my drop spindle when I heard you'd got a wheel!