Wednesday, 22 April 2009


Ok so I saw your roving Alison and thought mmmm! I then thought I must get my wheel out and have another go! Yesterday along with washing, lawn mowing and weeding plus a station run I managed to spin a bobbin full of the roving that I had in the gargage (it looks like a Jacob, someone gave me some pre carded to play with ages ago). Sitting on my new patio with the dog and spinning was the best thing ever (well for a while now anyway). I think I have the courage to get some of the 'posh' bats I have had my eye on for ages.

Its not that I really need it I have a whole Jacob fleece and an almost whole white fleece but this looks so much more fun (bright colours and no carding to do). All I need to do know is figure out how to spin for sock weight and my life could change forever!

That sounds a bit sad doesn't it - I really must get out more!

Oh and by the way 5hrs to get to the gusset on a sock sounds pretty impressive to me (knitting on the road always slows my needles down). It made me think - we spend at least 4 hours driving when we go to Norfolk, what on earth have I been doing with myself all this time?????

Its just me by myself today so lets see what else I can manage to get done!

PS which pattern have you used on Harry and how has it come out?

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