Sunday, 2 August 2009

And the scales went .......


Yes that is correct they are now officially broken! I will not be able to weigh in today as I have no other scales but it looks like the winner for July is Allison so we should all send her a small parcel as her prize. The August diet-a-long begins now so keep up the good work girls and lets try to be better this month. I don't think over all there is any less of me now than when I began and that is not good as I won't fit into my clothes when we go away! Lets hope for miracles in the next 2 weeks.

This week has not been especially fun as the weather has been awful, just as you think it is safe to hang out the washing along comes another great down pour, plus Lottie has been away at her fathers all week which is no fun at all! On the flip side however I have managed to get up to the second set of charts on Tilia so will keep going on that. I must admit I have not been knitting on anything else since the Tilia kits arrived and I have enjoyed the challenge of the lace knitting so much. I do prefer to do the knupps though and it has taken me a little while to get into the knack of adding the beads quickly but the look of them is quite different.

I have 3 pairs of socks which are sadly neglected but will pick them up again once 'cindarella' is done. I always seem to put the socks down during the summer and do shawls or lacy scarves - I am not sure why I do this but it does make a change. Hopefully I will be able to get some more scales this week so until then I am off to make the most of the small amount of sunshine we have at the moment!


Sugar Hippo said...

Nice new look on the blog front! I feel like a fraud today as I put on a pound - I shall knuckle down tomorrow as we go away on Saturday. I too have 3 pairs of single socks (including the Mermaid pair). I'm going to take them with me and see if I can finish at least one pair!

Claire said...

Absolutely, well done Allison. I've undone all my good work so far with a week long binge. I'm not making any excuses for myself - I was greedy and undisciplined and I've paid the price.