Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Birthday fun!

Yesterday was my birthday and as it turned out I really enjoyed it. Him indoors was off to a meeting in London so we had to get up at 5.30am to get ready and then drop him off at the station. This meant that all presents were hurriedly opened and then put to one side as we rushed to make the early train. One of my presents was a new set of scales as I broke the last set (I miss them they were kind) but the new set are just plain mean! I do not buy the fact that I have put on about 4 pounds since I broke the last set so that means somewhere along the line something was amiss, although the new set are really difficult to read despite having a magnifying bit on the top - in fact I think they are hard to read because of this! I am going to weigh something I know the weight of and see how it goes from there.

The rest of the day was so busy, Lottie and I went over to the threshing barn in Leek to get some wool for a project I want to do and while we were there not only did I get coffee I was also given cake and scones - how lovely was that! I was talking to Janet and another customer about knitting and spinning and I showed them my Tilia (they were kind enough to admire it) and the subject of lace spinning came up. They other customer was buying a lace flyer for her wheel but I thought it was too much money to justify me getting one. So then we mentioned birthdays and I happened to say it was mine today and so out came the cake and scones and lots more chatting took place! Needless to say I also did a lot more shopping as well. My one large treat was a new flyer for my spinning wheel (not a lace one) but a more reasonably priced one with gears (my old one only has one you see) and a set of sliders so you don't get the bumps on the bobbin as you spin! Needless to say by 5.30pm I had replaced the flyer on my wheel and got the new one up and running.

Along the way I bought some sausages from the threshing barn (we had those for dinner yum, yum) and a free range chicken from a little place in our village where we can see them growing week by week as we go by walking the dog. Also collected food for the dog and him indoors from the station. What a lovely and busy day! Today I am off on a machine embroidery course (Lottie has to say behind and tidy her room) so hopefully I will have more exciting things to tell you about soon. Happy holidays!

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busybusybeejay said...

Happy birthday for yesterday!What a talented lady you are spinning as well.Were you wearing your Tilia shawl?