Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Where are you all?

I look at the blog site everyday and I notice that you are all missing - what are you all up to that you haven't put posts up in ages?

I have been putting more bobbles on the 'Ibble Obble' socks and have only got 1 more round of bobbles to do, then it will be rib and heel time - these are sounding more and more edible by the day!

I am guessing that the box could be arriving with me sometime in the near future as I think I must be nearly the last on the list this time so I am quite excited!

Him indoors has had 3 phone interviews (with the same company) in the last couple of weeks so hopefully he should be gainfully employed again soon. Not before we spend halfterm in Norfolk though - how I am missing my favourite seaside place and can't wait to get back and walk along the beach, although I suspect it will need hats wellies and coats this time around. What fun!


Sugar Hippo said...

I'll blog tonight to keep you happy! Trouble is, nothing eventful is happening at the moment!

busybusybeejay said...

I have just blogged but got the spacing horribly wrong.Oops!!
Great to read yours.