Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Wow - they want me!

Last week I saw an ad pop up on our village website (www.audlem.org) about a part time job just a few minutes walk from my house. Bearing in mind that we live 8 miles from anywhere and the village has quite a few shops and pubs but not many other employers other than farms and a school I had a look as it was for an admin person (something I did about 15 years ago). Also it was for 15 hours a week - how hard can that be?

Having checked them out on the web and found out what they did I emailed them and was asked to go for interview the next day - not so tough I hear you say but given that I have only ever had a total of 3 interviews including this one it was a bit nerve wracking until I got into it. I think you may have guessed the out come by now and so 2 out of 3 interviews resulting in jobs is not too bad a record I feel (given that the first interview I ever had, I had been in a car crash the night before and was badly concussed). I have had a few part time jobs since I had Lottie but none of them required interviews for various reasons.

I don't start until the 16th of November so I have plenty of time to think about things but to take my mind of it I treated myself to some lace weight yarn that nobody had snapped up at the posh sale (I checked before I went to bed on Sunday and it was waiting for me to buy it). I hope it arrives before all of the post goes mad!


Sugar Hippo said...

Hey! Well done you!! Welcome to the world of part-time admin! Hopefully this means you will become 'normal' like me and not be able to fit in sooooo much fab stuff! Your time is no longer your own ......!

Claire said...

Congratulations. And I hope him indoors gets something soon before he drives you up the wall :)

busybusybeejay said...

Good for you but you do realise you will lose knitting time!!Hope you have had a good holiday and good luck with the job.