Monday, 2 November 2009

It wasn't supposed to be like this!

Hi all - I missed you!

You might be wondering about my title today - well the story so far is this.....

After announcing my new job, him indoors was a little bit miffed that I might have beaten him to the post so while we were away he finished negotiating the contract for his new job and has flown off to the USA this afternoon (he is in the air as I type) so that he can have 2 weeks training and then come home and get on with it! As a result of this hasty work we arrived home from our 'week' away on Saturday and I then had to start organising his 'stuff' for the next 2 weeks away. Plus I now have to tidy out his office all by myself (not part of the plan) and attend bonfire night and Remembrance Sunday all by myself (Lottie will be part of the last 2 things though) as will a group of her friends - I will be allowed to tag along with them as I am apparently a 'cool' parent!

I should be grateful for our change in fortunes but another week to get myself organised and come to terms with it all would have been appreciated - that is not how it works though is it! Plus I don't know about everyone else but it seems that it has got a lot more dark and dingy all of a sudden - I walked the dog in the dark today (how did that happen it wasn't this dark so early in the day last week).
OK so there you have all of my grumbles for the day, am going to bed now (I know it is only 10pm but I didn't sleep very well last night - too much on my mind). I guess that might account for some of my grumpiness - sorry you got the brunt of it, will try and be much better tomorrow.

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busybusybeejay said...

Poor you.Did you enjoy the holiday or was it spoiled ?It's funny how the men just presume you will do everything and only their job is important.I worked full time from when Sarah was 6 and Matt was 7 but it was always me that had to sort things out.Like when S broke her leg,M tore his achilles tendon just before A levels .Both were in plaster for 6 weeks and who did all the ferrying to and from school? Me!!I suppose I shouldn't complain because he was brill with everything else like cooking ,cleaning etc.
Hope you are feeling better today

P.S.It's great to be thought of as a "cool" parent!