Saturday, 27 February 2010

Swaps and stuff!

Hmm it seems Allison thinks we are traitors for buying YF but my reasoning was this - it was only hipknits that let us down and I don't shop with them but the magazine range it actually good (I don't subscribe though - still don't trust that bit) but my newsagent stocks them and I am supporting her. Plus I think that YF is one of the nicest mags on the shelf bar my occasional treat of 'The Knitter'. Any way I like it so there!

Now back to beading - Claire I would love some banana silk sounds fab what weight of it do you have? and what sort of beads would you like in return? Currently in my stock I have size 11's, size 8's and size 6's plus toho and miyuki triangles in size 10's. I also have large and small drop beads, long bugles and size 15's (teeny tiny beads). I have a large range of colours in most of the above and will post pics once I know what you are interested in. I am happy to swap beads with anyone else who fancies some - I wondered if weight for weight would be OK so 100g say for 100g (any combination of beads and colours). Let me know what you think?

Barbara asked about beading books - my favourite book is 'The Art & Elegance of Beadweaving' by Carol Wilcox Wells but there are newer and better books out there that explain things better. One thing that I have found is that Americans describe things differently to us and it can be confusing (I had 2 American ladies in my classes a while back and it took me a ages to work out how to explain things 'their way' ).

I have as a swap item a copy of The Beaders Bible by Claire Crouchley - it has been on my shelf for a while but is in good condition - it has good instuctions on Peyote, brick, and square stitches plus loom work and then lots of 'pictures' to bead - if anyone fancies this then please suggest a swap.

So that's it for today - am hoping to go with Lottie to get a prom dress later (will have to take the unfinished Tilia with me), they didn't do stuff like this when I went to school Bah humbug!


Claire said...

I am just off to weigh the banana silk - and look at my backlog of beading projects to see what I need. Be back in touch very soon :)

Oh I so love swapping things.

Sugar Hippo said...

Ooh! I feel I've had my wrists well & truly smacked!! I shall go & buy a copy to see what I've been missing. I too like The Knitter but it is a bit pricey - I'm toying with the idea of subscribing as it's cheaper. I have tons of stash stuff (as you know!) which I could swap but I'm not sure what to do with beads - any ideas for a beginner?