Wednesday, 3 March 2010


Ok so other than delica's I think I have something of most sorts of beads (shapes and colours). Seed beads in size 11 and 15 plus triangles, bugles drops size 8's and 6's in the larger beads. Here are just a few to show you the range: These are size 8's (most likely size to add to a beaded shawl)

I have lots of each colour so plenty for lots of shawls! Each box contains 10g of a colour.


Claire said...

Oh I'm spoilt for choice. Would size 6's be suitable for knitting in with DK or 4 ply yarn? I fancy having a go at knitting bags with beads and scarves, gloves etc.

Sarah Knits said...

Size 6 would go on either DK or sock yarn, size 8 goes on sock or lace. I will try to do picks of my size 6's asap.

Hope that helps!